Frequently Asked Questions

Using ShipIndia (Performing order/ Shipment)

What are the benefits of using this service compared to other shipping services?

At ShipIndia, we're all about making your shopping spree from India smooth and wallet-friendly! Enjoy competitive shipping rates, package consolidation savings, and a user-friendly platform. Need a bit more help? Our Personal Shopper service and SimPass have got you covered. Plus, with our stellar customer support, your satisfaction is practically guaranteed. Why not give us a try and experience the difference for yourself? We’re here to bring the best of India right to your doorstep! To learn more about us, visit our Instagram

How do I consolidate my packages from different online stores in India?

We will help you consolidate all your parcels when it arrives in our warehouse. You can shop from any Indian e-commerce sites, IG accounts, FB accounts and set the delivery address assigned to you. We will take it from there by keeping you updated about your shipments.

Will I be informed when my package reaches Shipindia warehouse?

Yes, we will notify you when your package arrives at our warehouse. You may also book under 'expected deliveries' to inform us of the shipment before it arrives at our warehouse. This way you can let us know in advance to anticipate for your parcel delivery. We will still notify you even if you do not pre-book it. Ensure that in your delivery address, you have added your unique customer id so we can identify your parcel.

How long I can store my items in ShipIndia warehouse?

You can store it for up to 30 days free in our warehouse. You will be charged a nominal fee after the 30th day per item.

How can I contact customer service if I have any issues or queries?

You can reach our customer support team through email, phone, or live chat. Visit our "Contact Us" page for contact details.

How do I cancel or modify my shipping request?

You can request changes or cancellations by contacting our customer support team before your shipment is processed. Please note that fees may apply.

How do I return or exchange an item that I bought from an online store in India?

Right now, we do not provide services such as refund / returning / exchanging items with the stores as we are only the shipment provider and not directly linked to any store.

How safe is my shipment?

We prioritize the safety of your packages and offer various shipping options, including insurance and extra packing, for added protection.

Can I change my shipment after making payment?

Changes to your shipment may be possible, but additional fees may apply. Contact customer support for assistance.

How can I track my package once it is shipped from India?

There are two ways you can track your package. 1)Log in to your Shipindia account on the website to track the status of your package. 2) Use our whatsapp chatbot <> to check on the status of your package within whatsapp itself

What happens if my goods are damaged?

We ensure your goods are safe throughout the shipment process. In the event where your goods are damaged, please contact us immediately via support and we will assist you in the claims process. Please note that this is also dependent on the value you declare your items. We will conduct an investigation on the damaged item and begin the compensation process after.